Why Is It Such A Good Business To Make Straw Houses

The pandemic has doubled the orders for this type of construction, and several Spanish companies are already taking advantage of the pull of this sector. 

Making Straw Houses: A Profitable Business In 2021 

The pandemic has been a major brake for thousands of businesses from different sectors. However, as in all crises, business opportunities have also emerged in recent months that were previously in the background. One of them is thatch houses, a niche in the real estate sector that has doubled in demand in the last six months and is laying the foundations to stay. 

The economic situation after the pandemic has a lot to do with the growth of straw houses. Many people have lost their jobs and are looking for new destinations to work, where they will need the cheapest housing possible. On the other hand, confinement has created in a considerable number of people the need to have a house with a garden and outdoor space, after spending several months locked up in small flats. 

Contrary to what it might seem, this type of construction, which is usually cheaper than brick and concrete, does not present great differences with respect to the quality of traditional ones. Sometimes they even exceed them. A straw house is more comfortable, has better thermal insulation, with walls that breathe and do not trap moisture and with materials without toxic emissions. Not to mention the practically non-existent carbon footprint, Micro Zucchetto, an architect specialized in these homes, comments in a recent article. 

However, the general public still has reservations about thatched houses. One of them, a possible fire, is defended by explaining that the density of the materials is so high that it makes it impossible for the house to burn. On the other hand, humidity and insulation are the other central points of the construction. In this sense, another expert wields that, with good protection against the humidity that comes from the ground and a good roof with eaves for the rain, you will have a house for several generations. 

How much do thatch houses cost? 

Building straw houses is not as cheap as it may seem. Sometimes its price can exceed that of a traditional house. However, its characteristics can save up to 80% per year in heating, for example. The width of the insulation in walls and ceilings is 35 centimeters, which is the width of a straw bale, while insulation in a conventional house does not have more than ten, explains Eduardo Canals, another architect specialized in constructions. 

However, there are ways to cut the production costs of a straw house by more than half. The most widespread is self-construction. Labor can account for around 60% of the price of the home, so eliminating it can be quite noticeable in the pocket and make this construction formula more accessible.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

In figures, the construction of thatch houses costs around 1,600 Euros per square meter. In other words, a 200-square-meter house would cost about 320,000 Euros. However, if the client decides to build the home himself, the price could be reduced to less than half.

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