The Companies With The Most Projection In The World In 2021

Leaving behind one of the most complicated years in memory in recent decades, innovation continues to advance, with entrepreneurs at the fore, in 2021. For this reason, Fortune magazine has prepared a list of the companies that have the most future in the world. coming year. All stand out for belonging to innovative sectors, being able to sustain their long-term growth and constantly reinvent themselves to adapt their offer to consumer complaints that will arise after the pandemic. 

The study is based on a complete evaluation of hundreds of companies, quantifying factors such as strategy, technology and investment, the management of the human team and the structure of the companies. Taking these variables into account, technology companies rank as leaders on the list, with a representation of around 50%. In addition, the appearance of the pandemic that has put all societies in the world in check has caused companies dedicated to health care to increase their weight from 12 to 22% in just one year. 

The 5 companies with the most projection in the world in 2021 are discussed below. 


 This company is, according to the list, the company with the most projection in the world. Specializing in cloud-based software that helps manage workflows, its data supports its position on the list. Since April, its shares have appreciated 108%, and its turnover grows 30% each quarter. The arrival of telecommuting has highlighted the importance of having good computer systems in companies, a factor that has undoubtedly come to ServiceNow in a great way. 

Veeva Systems 

This American company also uses the cloud, and is targeting a type of companies that will also continue to rise in 2021: the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. In this sense, Veeva Systems has in its client portfolio the two main manufacturers of corona virus vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer. 


 Changes in the work model will mark the year that begins. In this context, Workday is one of the companies with the most projection in the world in 2021. Its financial management and human resources software has more than 45 million customers, and has experienced exponential growth. Already in 2019, its sales increased by 29%, and some analysts believe that it will continue the trend after the launch of its new features. 


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will also continue to grow in 2021. In the case of Splunk, the company dedicated to offering data analysis solutions to other companies has experienced a growth of 108% from its minimum in March. Among its most prominent clients are top-level firms such as Bank of America, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs or Telef√≥nica. 

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It is perhaps the best known company within this classification. The music platform has been able to adapt perfectly to the claims of its users, investing many resources in the podcast division, one of its pending issues to date. Adding this factor to his already developed facet in the music industry, users have grown almost 30% in the last year.

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