Successful Entrepreneurs Can Also Be Great Psychopaths

 According to some studies, the most successful entrepreneurs have a greater predisposition to present traits related to psychopathy. Successful entrepreneurs can be psychopaths too. Successful Entrepreneurs, Are They Born or Made? Without a doubt, hard work and the ability to make good decisions and manage a team are fundamental aspects of being successful in business, and they tend to be learned over time. However, some studies identify millionaires more predisposed to psychopathy than other people. 

According to experts, both the most successful entrepreneurs and the millionaires who have made their fortunes in prominent executive positions share several traits related to psychopathy, which help them achieve better results in their businesses. 

The psychopathic traits of the most prominent entrepreneurs 

Lack of empathy. 

It is the trait that most identifies psychopaths, and it can also be found in the most successful entrepreneurs in their businesses. In 2008, a study by the University of Amsterdam and Berkeley showed that people with higher purchasing power have more difficulty showing compassion in their environment. In the experiment, a group of people of different economic status had to share some complicated experience in their lives - the death of a relative or a divorce. In most cases, the most powerful and wealthy in the investigation shared the pain in a colder way than the humblest. 


 Egocentricity is also a fairly recurring trait at the top of entrepreneurs. To prove it, the Nobel Prize in Economics Daniel Kahneman conducted an investigation that demonstrated how the successes and errors of 25 of the world's leading financial advisers were the result of luck. "The results were close to what you would expect from a game of throwing the dice," he said. However, the ego of some of these professionals prevented them from admitting that mere chance had a lot to do with their success. Undoubtedly, conclusions that could well are extrapolated to many CEO offices in Silicon Valley. 

Make a good first impression 

Another of the traits related to psychopathy that can be identified in successful entrepreneurs is the ability to create a good first impression. Typically, the most successful millionaires in the business world tend to have a personal charm and public speaking skills superior to other mortals. In this sense, some studies have been able to show how the most successful people tend to repeat certain patterns in order to make this good impression. 


Although there are countless examples of multimillionaire entrepreneurs who allocate part of their fortunes to social causes, the truth is that they tend to be more selfish than people of a more humble status. An experiment at the University of Berkeley showed how the most modest on the economic scale are up to 44% more supportive than the people who have managed to reach higher. 

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More prone to boredom 

 Finally, the most successful entrepreneurs often stand out for constant innovation and being active minds. Although it may seem like a praiseworthy trait - in many cases it is - the reality is that this adventurous spirit also has a close relationship with psychopathy. People with this disorder like to live life on the edge, with a constant sense of danger and risk. Without a doubt, one of the great similarities with multimillionaire entrepreneurs that invites you to ask yourself a fairly recurring question. Can you be successful in business without being a psychopath?

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