Making money through freelancing


Making money through freelancing

Making money through freelancing has become a new trend. People have started learning skills due to the lockdown we have all faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After learning the craft, they sell it on online platforms like fiver,, and, etc.; there are few steps that you need to focus on to get the most out of freelancing are as follows.

Choosing your niche.

If you are starting in the field of self-employment, you may feel ready to take a MONEY paid job that you can get your hands on it. But as you dig deeper into your self-employment, you will need to be more specific about the various types of work you do and the people you work for.

You may be wondering: How to choose independent jobs that will help me earn more money?

Because when you master, you become an expert in a particular field, and professionals may add more to their service specialties.

In my opinion, the old argument of whether you should be an expert or a general when starting your independent career is not worth thinking twice about. Suppose you are your customer and you need someone to improve your email marketing to get people to sign up, brochures to persuade people to buy, or just update your old website. In that case, you want to hire someone who is the darling of all professions, or a person who practice doing the same thing and doing it well? I will always choose the specialty.

And when it comes to personal experience, the best choice I have made with my independent company is to choose to specialize as a consulting company instead of being a general marketing manager. Since I built my reputation with clients who are talented in marketing in recent years and regularly participate in the marketing of content on various social media, I have been able to get to the top of my potential in a short time. This is one of your favorite pastimes to become a successful freelancer on Creative Live. Mention the services that you want to provide

One of the big decisions you need to make early in the independence process is what to do and what not to do.

The more accurate you are about the services you offer, the better. This will not only help you brand yourself, but it will also allow you to control how your potential customers perceive you and allow you to continue building your portfolio in the direction you want it to be.

Suppose you want to focus on being a sought-after and high-income Ruby on Rails developer. In that case, you shouldn't even consider a contract offer to customize a WordPress theme or design a user experience for the next application. While the short-term benefits of stable work are tempting (and sometimes necessary), undertaking a project that doesn't bring you closer to your ultimate goal of becoming the best in your field will only distract you and delay you from making meaningful progress. 

Know your client

Before you go looking for clients, you need to have a clear idea of ​​who you will work with the best. Do you want to create websites for small business owners, participate in developing new resources for fast-growing technology startups, or enter into long-term contracts with business-sized companies? Effective access to services is a prerequisite for these clear distinctions between the target population and business type.

To pinpoint who your ideal freelance clients should be (and how to find them), ask yourself the following questions: 

Which company has problems that I solve with my services?

Can the company I want to work with hire me?

What demographic trends can I identify for decision-makers in the types of businesses I target? Think about: age, gender, geographic location, the sites they visit, and their interests.

Knowing that I will be more involved and efficiently working with small startup teams working on projects that I can personally relate to, I decided to narrow the circle of potential clients. By working with similar startup teams, new ways I target within my niche can instantly communicate with me and be confident that I can also repeat my results for their business.

Working on portfolio making

now that you are done with the above things, no is the time to create an attention grabbing portfolio. If you are a web designer, developer, illustrator, graphic designer, or content writer just getting started, creating a work portfolio for your projects is the right choice. Create your website as a developer or web designer. Draw a beautiful icon on your website if you are working on illustrator. Add your watermark style to your website if you are a graphic designer.

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By creating a portfolio in this way, you tell potential employers a lot more about your style and experience. This portfolio is your skills project. Go ahead and show them off.

Finally, start working online and make money through freelancing

It's a great idea to start a freelance business while keeping your day-to-day job instead of looking for a freelance job right away.

In addition to taking a long time to create a high-quality portfolio page, build a personal brand, and grow your portfolio, of course, it's a good idea to add a few freelance clients to your list before cutting down on a single source of revenue. I suggest you increase your side income to at least 50-75% of your total income before quitting your full-time job, depending on your risk tolerance. 

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