How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Too Much Investment

Undertaking in the real estate sector may sound like a business for the rich. But nothing could be further from the truth. These activities allow you to enter an interesting sector with a reduced investment.

Undertaking in the real estate sector may sound like large investments and great infrastructure. However, it doesn't always have to be this way. Obviously, if your intention is to buy properties to sell them for a higher price, you will need a significant initial outlay, but there are also other activities where money will not be a problem. 

In this sense, experts identify several professions to undertake in the real estate sector with a very low investment. All are articulated around three axes: intermediation, advice or negotiation. Although they are different activities, they are all complementary, and can grow a business with limited initial resources. 

4 Ideas to undertake in the real estate sector without resources 

Increase the value of a property. 

Often times, the real estate market is littered with ads for flats and houses without fixing, with poor information and insufficient services. Therefore, a good option to undertake in the sector without too much investment is to dedicate you to building the elements that can significantly increase the value of a property.

In this sense, “sell the property with the financing already obtained for the buyer, rent the apartment with an information book about it for the tenant, provide an official appraisal of the apartment for sale, include an energy efficiency certificate, and add a market study. It is something that makes it rise in value”, explains Juan Haro, founder of La Escuela de Inversión, in a recent article. 

The intermediation. 

 Putting buyers and sellers in contact in exchange for a commission is another of the most recurrent techniques when it comes to undertaking in the real estate sector when you do not have financial resources. Here, some real estate franchises open the doors to freelancers, who can benefit from the entire structure with minimal expenses. Of course, undertaking in the field of real estate brokerage requires extensive knowledge of the market, the best locations and the properties that can best be financed. 

Wealth management. 

Another alternative to undertake in the real estate sector is to manage the assets of those who do have resources. Taking care of the rental contracts, the relationship with the tenants, and the conservation of the properties. These are just some of the tasks that a manager performs in exchange for a fee.

In addition, you can also become an investor through a SOCIMI. "You can invest small amounts of a large capital in various niches of the sector, as if it were the stock market, that is, 3,000 - 4,000 Euros, or more, in real estate businesses, and become someone who makes money investing", explain the experts. 

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The business of plots. 

Finally, the plots have a market to undertake that is experiencing an interesting growth in recent years. As in regular brokerage, it is not necessary to invest too much money in the business. It is enough to know how to identify the plots for sale with the capacity to build homes and premises, and look for a developer who wants to build there. "We are left with the exclusive sale, charging a commission for putting in contact with the owner of the site and the builder. If they buy the project from us, they will be able to charge about 5,000 Euros for each property,”explains Haro

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