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While the internet has been influencing and taking over a considerable part of our lives, specifically now during the work from home and social distancing circumstances, many people are looking for different sources to earn money. One such way is earning online.

One should be mindful of the platform that they choose.

Although there are umpteen ways to earn cash online, few of these may be bogus.

We shouldn't expect to earn a considerable amount instantly. It takes time to get along with the pace. 

1.   Freelancing: It has been a popular way to earn money online these days. While the internet has many options to choose from, different websites offer different freelancing tasks according to the skills. Fiverr, Upwork, and freelance.com, etc., are few websites that offer freelancing services. You can earn from $3-$200 from these websites.

2.   Starting up your website: You will find enough material on the internet, which will guide you to put together a website. Choosing a domain, template layout, content, and design for your website will play a significant role in outsourcing your website. The higher the traffic, the higher will be the potential for earning.

3.   Affiliate marketing: It is the process of making a commission by promoting other company's products. You choose a product you like, promote it, and earn a part of the profit for each sale that you will make. It's like a symbiotic partnership. It works by allowing companies to add web links to your website.

4.   Online tutoring: If you expertise in a particular subject, you can make money online by tutoring people online. It provides an online connection with students of all ages around the globe. One may sign up on Vedantu.com by crafting a profile and listing your skills. Beginners can earn Rs200 per hour, and it can increase as your expertise and become experienced.

5.   Blogging: If you're an ardent closet blogger who wants to be published but can't get away to do so, you should make each move your way to wealth by building your blog. Starting a blog won't require complicated skills though you must be an expert in the field you're working on. By doing so, you will attract more visitors to your blog.

6.   Paid Writing: If you're someone who cannot maintain a blog by regularly posting and keeping interactive, then grow your passion for writing, you can pen down articles for other blogs or websites such as Weblogs, Helium, or PayPerPost. If you have an excellent command of languages, then you can become a copy editor. The Webmasters will credit you to read out content and correct grammatical errors, sentences, fragments, etc.

7.   Online Marketing: Once a Website is built and search engine optimized (SEO) the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) begins. The logic behind this is that an SEO/SEM expert is responsible for marketing a website and can now promote it differently. These ways can be article marketing, forum posting, blog posting, submission of your site to directories, bookmarking, etc. Many companies do not do this in-house, and they pay you to do the SEM for them.

8.   Selling photos: If you love photography and have a good quality camera, then you would probably be sitting on a large reserve of revenue. Some companies will be interested in your work. These days it's feasible to take photos for the public, giving a convenient way to make a secondary income stream.

9.   Building Apps: Smartphones have taken over the 21st century. Eventually, the demand for applications has shot up. Over 3 million apps for iOS and android have been generated. You should develop and sell your smartphone app, which is now becoming a versatile way to make money online. Building applications don't cost anything, and hence enjoyable profit margins are found.

10.               Sell your products online: You can make a handful of money by selling the products and making your website. As there's a lot of competition in this place already, an opportunity to create a niche in terms of product is considered. Else you can use platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., to sell.

11.               YouTube: If there's a passionate performer hidden within you who craves applause, then you should upload your art on YouTube. Opportunities are filmmaker, musician, or comedian who wants a bigger audience. You can earn from ads displayed on your video page. As mentioned above, the process is similar to the pay-per-click advertisement program, which is more common in other Websites and blogs. Sites like Flixya and Mediaflix can be helpful in this aspect.

12.               Making good themes: Since many people seek online attention, blog templates or WordPress themes will keep rising. If you are a pro at Web building and coding, you can make a lot of money from styling Web themes. In this part, there are trendy Websites, such as TemplateMonster and ThemeForest. These websites act as a marketing place wherein you can auction your themes. Templates and themes are sold and auctioned depending on the features that are bundled with them.

13.               Buying and Selling domains: It needs very little investment also spares your time. All you have to do is purchase domains on their registration rates and sell them at an advantage. Nevertheless, analysis sites before-mentioned as sedo.co.uk, ebay.com, or any other domain sale sites get an approximation of the best selling titles. The ultimate way to choose the best items is to apply discontinued domain records. These lists have many expired names that are momentarily back in the stock.

14.               Data Entry: There are plenty of data entry jobs available online. It is one of the most straightforward jobs one can do. Also, it requires no special skills. You need to have a personal computer, a fast internet connection, rapid typing skills and focus on details. You can earn up to 1500inr per hour.

Earning money online has been providing the cultured 'offline' track. These days, people opt to work from home (online) rather than move to different work parts. While this has been greatly encouraged by many companies, many states still seem to be in progress. We all know that the Internet has taken a large part of our livelihoods. It plays a vital role in our lifestyle. Many people are looking to earn online as their secondary income. They want to increase financial outflow to live a luxurious life.

It would be best if you always were mindful of the platforms you choose to earn online. Frauds are more common these days. Some of the websites available online can be fake. Also, you should not expect to earn heavy amounts as soon as you join online earning sites.

1.   Freelancing: Being a freelancer has a lot of advantages. You can work from anywhere you wish to, you don't have to stress yourself with hectic office schedule and politics, there is less exposure involved, and you will get more time to spend with your loved ones. Some websites provide you with freelancing work always. Freelancer.com, Upwork, and Fiverr are trending these days. They offer you services based on your expertise and interests. Web design, content writing, marketing, and data entry are among a few things. You can easily make 4$-200$ in a month with your talent. Remember that you will get paid only when the order is completed and the client is satisfied.

2.   Digital Marketing: If you have been finding a reliable source that you can rely on to make money through your skills or an MBA graduate, Digital Marketing is a great option. If your skills are between online marketing, graphic designing, web design, content creation, etc., there is a great way to use them. Digital marketing websites will guide you to choose freelance project-based work that pays a handful. Before applying,  You should also be well versed in what type of designs and marketing ideas are in demand.

3.   YouTube: The golden art of storytelling has peaked in the era of globalization. Visual channels are used to communicate with people. Utilizing Youtube to make money is an excellent option for experts to create fantastic content that catches the audience's eye. If you reach a thousand to lakhs of subscribers, the chances of becoming successful on this platform in a little time will increase. With a particular fan/subscriber base, you can start marketing by collaborating with huge brands and organizations.

4.   Virtual assistant: The requirement of a virtual assistant has been in demand these years. Since it's challenging to manage meetings and keep track of things in companies, entrepreneurs hire assistants. Hiring a full-time assistant does the job feasibly. The work you get entirely depends on your skills and interests. A virtual assistant's primary responsibilities are managing schedules, maintaining blogs, managing social media handles, etc. This job will help you learn new things and earn.

5.   Responding to surveys: Online paid surveys are easy questionnaires. These contain a series of questions on a particular topic and can be accessed through the Internet. The main aim of surveys is to collect large amounts of data.  Toluna.com is one such survey site. One can show up their requirements by building polls and subjects on their website. Cash can be made by taking part in surveys, Crafting the right quality polls, and referring contacts to sign up. Toluna makes payment via PayPal. Swagbucks: It is one of the most genuine survey sites. You can get gift cards, and cash presents for answering surveys. Up to $50 is something you can quickly get.

6.   Start your website: You will have to choose your niche and expertise in it. Turning a hobby into a blog or website, a secondary income-making asset, is common these days. Minimally, you should make money to cover the necessary expenses for a domain and hosting.

7.   Facebook: Yes, you can earn money via Facebook too. Become a reseller and start sharing the products that you want to sell. Begin by advertising your catalog of products. Choose a price for your product and set a margin. The best part of reselling is, you will not have to invest anything. Apart from reselling, there are many other ways to earn money via Facebook. If you have a large Facebook following/followers, you can become an influencer or blogger and earn cash by purchasing and reviewing products. More the followers more will be your pay.

8.   Affiliate marketing: It is the crucial process of making commission by promoting other venture products. You pick a product you like, promote it, and earn a part of the commission for each sale that you will make. It's like a symbiotic partnership. It works by letting companies add web links to your website.

9.   Selling Your Services: Selling services from your self-built website is one of the quickest ways to earn online. You can take two different methods: a) Create an Educational Blog and Offer online tutoring or sell notes. b) Create a niche blog that contains informative content about a topic like health, wellness, fitness, lifestyle, finance, beauty, academic writing, etc.

10.               Sell photos: If you're someone who loves capturing beautiful moments of nature's aesthetics, then you can make money by selling your photos. Photography can be your secondary source of income. There are thousands of sites that allow you to upload your stock photos and video footage. These sites are known to have a large user base. Right when someone licenses your photo/video, you get paid. Some of the famous stock photography websites are Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. For video footage, websites like videohive, Pond5, and dissolve are great to start with.


All these points will help you get some track of earning online. Make sure you rely on a genuine source and do not fall for fraudulence.

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