12 Opportunities To Create Your Online Business

 Although digitization has already spread to practically the entire business fabric, there are still opportunities to create an online business. 

Create a community with the payment of a membership 

Bosco Soler is the founder of Sinoficina, a virtual coworking in which a community of creatives, makers and entrepreneurs converge that creates, grows and learns together. It already includes more than 600 professions with different profiles willing to pay a membership of 19.90 Euros per month to be part of the community. In return, they share experiences, receive specific online training courses, access a series of services and tools and join a networking network from which numerous synergies are generated. For his part, Bosco Soler receives the income from managing the community, a task that gives work, but which he considers very rewarding. 

Business concepts with thin lines 

Online Directories 

What are people looking for in the directories that are published on the internet ?Market niches, business opportunities, competitor analysis, available products, potential clients and ideas .Finding all this together in a single site provides enormous value and  above all, it saves a huge and tedious amount of time on search engines. This savings is so highly valued that there are people and companies willing to pay for a worthwhile directory. 

Take the example of the entrepreneur Jaime Mesa, an ecommerce expert, who, as a result of his experience, was encouraged to recently launch a directory of niche online stores. “In my mind, the client I thought was going to buy the directory were people who wanted to be inspired to create their online store or improve their existing project. Then I discovered that there were many, many companies buying the directory and using it for: All kinds of companies to sell their services; Companies to sell their ecommerce / marketing tool; Media companies to do interviews; Market research companies ”, he says on his blog 

After checking the interest aroused by the solution, he decided to set "a ridiculous price of 5 Euros" to access the content of the directory and that, later on, what had already agglutinated 400 niches in the list, rose to 10 €. The economic result that he himself published in a tweet dated January 18, 2021, is that he was already through the 338 clients and € 2,568 collected. 

Online translator 

At a time when more content is being generated than ever and more and more businesses with a global vocation have to adapt their messages to the culture and language of the target markets, it seems that many doors are opening to the profession of the translator. Its professionals, who are very accustomed to contributing to the Self-Employed Regime, can either offer the service on their own, such as joining a translators company or setting up their own project taking advantage of the fact that it is a growing sector. 

Following this trend, there are already notable solutions in Spain that offer fast and cheap online translation services. Among many others, we can mention Blarlo, an international translation agency that works with thousands of native translators of more than 120 nationalities; Gear Translations, with a focus on highly specialized technical translations in industrial sectors; o Hellotranslator, another platform specialized in professional translation services. 

Create content for third parties 

To gain visibility on the internet, it is not enough to design a website and leave it there, static, waiting for someone to continue advancing in search engines until reaching page 20. The best strategy to gain positioning is to provide the site of content that add value. A wide range of possibilities opens up here for those who feel a certain attachment to writing and perform the job fairly well. It is about writing content for third-party blogs, for newsletters or even writing that book that all cultivators of the personal brand seek. In this sense, the case of Emprenbooks can be cited, a recently created publishing house with a focus on the world of entrepreneurship that has the collaboration of different professional writers to write the book that the entrepreneur in question does not dare to tackle. 


The difference between a copywriter and those of the previous point is that the copywriter writes to sell something. If it adds value, the entire better, but the end goal will not be so much to enrich the reader's knowledge as to persuade him to buy something. More related to the traditional profession of the publicist, the formats in this area can be more flexible. A case of success can be found in Isra Bravo , responsible for Motivantewho, without much dissimulation, affirms: "I write because I like to earn money", something that no real writer would dare to say because they know that, in this country, those who make their living only by writing can be counted on their fingers of one hand. Isra Bravo's formula is based on the email marketing that it sends every day to a list of subscribers, a practice that generates an average income of more than 1,000 Euros per day. 

Entrepreneur trainer 

It seems that it has become fashionable, although it only works in those cases in which the trainer already has an entrepreneurial project in his background, to be able to be of some relevance. Proposals in this line that emerged recently are: Álex Dantart, a serial entrepreneur who has now launched a consultancy for entrepreneurs with the name Minimum Viable Product , or Álex Huertas , co-founder of the Northweek eyewear brand, currently integrated into the business structure from Hawkers, and now the promoter of the project From 0 to 1 million , with which he seeks to forge entrepreneurial vocations and help them go from an idea to a product until they grow and have a large turnover or, as he did, star in an exit. 

Affiliate marketing 

David Moral, co-founder responsible for Agencia Digital Alarona, explained some time ago on this website the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a business of this type. In general, affiliate marketing basically consists of creating a web page in which you recommend the purchase of certain products through affiliate links. When someone clicks on those links, they are redirected to the website where the product is sold and, if the process ends in a purchase, the seller pays you a commission. The practice can generate recurring passive income but, according to Moral, living comfortably from it exclusively is neither simple nor scalable. 

Online coach or trainers 

Gyms belong to those businesses that the pandemic has put in the spotlight. Although most continue to operate, many have been forced to restrict the quota of users and are usually included among the establishments susceptible to closure whenever there is talk of an advance of the corona virus. This situation is favoring the emergence of virtual gyms and personal trainers in the different disciplines. 

To cite some example, we can refer to the case of PadelMBA, an idea of Alejandro Martínez, who came up with the idea of transferring the Paddle industry to the online environment. The platform covers the entire life cycle of the sports discipline of padel, from beginners to people who want to become coaches, receiving training from the greats of this sport in Spain, such as Manu Martín, best padel coach of the year 2019. 

A churrería 

Papi Churro is an online churros shop that serves you churros at home and you have to pay electronically. And oddly enough, the truth is that the business originated in England, founded, as can be read on the web, by two young Londoners who left the city to fulfill their dream of "opening a dessert cafe." 

Mystery Shopping 

 On the internet one of the great weaknesses of many native online businesses is customer service, something that is detrimental to the user experience. Large ecommerce have their own departments, but not everyone can afford it. To monitor the perception that your digital customers have of the service or product that you offer them, B2B solutions arise that avoid setting up a specialized customer service department. An example is found in the Chilean startup Snuuper where they are defined as "the eyes and ears of companies." The company has created an app through which fictitious clients, in exchange for a reward, play the role of mystery shopper to monitor the operation of an online business. You will know if your products reach the recipient at the promised time, if the chat answers all the questions that customers ask, if they have been resolved quickly, if the product meets expectations or not and everything you want to know about your online business. Already in Spain, a similar service is offered by companies such as Mystery Shopper Spain 

Cyber ​​therapies 

The online world has also said goodbye to the old couch in which the patient was reporting his concerns to a psychologist. More and more companies are proliferating that offer psychological care services through the network and telephone chat. More now, as a result of the health crisis, where the demand for this care has grown. There are already many solutions along these lines, so the challenge, as always, is to differentiate yourself. Examples with companies that offer this service are TherapyChat , where they attend consultations through video calls thanks to a team of expert psychologists and coaches with a more affordable price or the Spanish startup Ifeel , who, after offering free consultations during confinement, saw the demand. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Podcast creation 

The business of podcasts, online radio on demand, is on the rise and you can both create one to exploit it as your own business, as well as create podcasts for third parties, just like with the content. Although the podcast market is also led by US companies, Spain tends to rank among the top countries in terms of podcast audiences in a market that, according to some sources, has more than 1 billion listeners around the world.

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