The best income-generating apps that really pay off

Just as I created a guide to the best paying sites and the best paid survey sites , I have decided to offer you the same for earning apps. If there are multiple solutions to make money on the internet, income-generating applications are, without a doubt, the best there is, even if there again the gains remain modest. If you have a smartphone in your hands, you can get started soon.

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What is a profitable application?

Applications for mobile, you have certainly already downloaded unless you come from another planet. Besides, I don't really see the point of having a state-of-the-art smartphone if it's not to download applications.

In short, you do what you want, but for those who don't know anything about it, an app is a small program that you download and install on your smartphone to perform a task .

There are applications for Facebook, for the TV program, for the weather, for dating, for playing… Thousands of applications are available on the Google Play Store or on the App Store and as you can guess, we let's take a look at mobile apps that will help you earn dollars .

How much money can you earn?

Before starting to read this guide, I insist on the fact that the earnings generated by these income- generating applications will be a few tens to a few hundred euros per month in the best case and provided that you are rather productive.

With these apps, you will never earn a living wage or even the minimum wage . To tell you otherwise would be to lie. On the other hand, if you want to make small regular gains, I assure you that you are in the right place.

Most of the applications presented here will, most of the time, be available for Android or iOS.

Some tips:

I advise you to focus on just a few applications . There are hundreds of such applications, but if you install dozens of them on your smartphone, you won't know where to turn and risk rushing the job.

Worse, if your smartphone is not powerful enough, you will crash it. Start slow, do the missions correctly, and if later you feel up to doing more, download other apps. Finally, it's up to you 



Feature Points offers you to download and test applications . Nothing more. When you are registered, Feature Points will ask you to download other apps to your mobile and test them for a while.

Existing for several years, Feature Points allows you to earn pretty sums if you give yourself the trouble. By that I mean that there will be many requests to test apps. It's not like other sites where you have to wait days or even weeks to get a small assignment.

No, with Feature Points and if you are motivated, the earnings will increase quickly . But what I like about Feature Points is its diversity of payment methods. You have the possibility of receiving vouchers, gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play…) but also cash via Paypal in a few minutes.

I would like to point out that the tests will earn you points but concretely 600 points are equivalent to $ 1.

Finally, be aware that it is possible to sponsor and earn additional commissionsEach time you recruit a referral, you receive 50% of his earnings more. I let you imagine if you total dozens of referrals… To benefit from a bonus of 50 points, you will have to enter the code: WSRSKG


Cash Pirate is not a revolutionary application but is one of the most profitable. The principle is very simple, you just have to download and test applications .

That's not all, Cash Pirate offers the possibility of watching advertising videos . I know it's not exciting, but it allows you to have a little more points in the pot.

Finally, you can answer a series of surveys but personally, I do not recommend it because the earnings remain average.

However, what I suggest you do is sponsorship. Cash Pirate sets up a promising sponsorship system since each of your new referrals will earn you 10% of their earnings more .

More simply, if your godchild receives € 10, you in turn have an additional € 1 in the pot. And nothing prevents you from having dozens of referrals as I say each time.

For payments, you have the choice between Paypal if you want cash but also vouchers, gift cards. For Paypal transfers, you just need to have a minimum of $ 2.5 in the fund to request payment.

This Cash Pirate application is very simple and ergonomic with regular earnings of up to several tens of euros per month for the most motivated. You will need to enter the code KRYTMQ to get a bonus of 500 points.


BeMyEye is the third app which I recommend you install. When you have free time, you log in and carry out short assignments around you on behalf of companies .

You will have to go to stores to collect prices, to restaurants and other businesses.

BeMyEye will not send you to do missions tens of kilometers from your home because it is you who will choose on the map where you want to go. Each mission is paid differently.

Sometimes you will only earn a few euros. Other times, it will be much more with tens of euros but it is rather rare, you will quickly realize it.

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