Make money writing on the internet: some tips

Making money by being a writer is possible. It's not just about writing books that become a best seller or writing novels and publishing to a listener. Even if you are not a writing expert, it is possible to make writing your living. Writing for the web is one of the ways that is on the rise today. More and more people are turning to internet writing to supplement their end of the month.

What are the best ways to make money writing on the internet?

There are many possibilities for making money writing on the web. Some people blog and make money, others write Kindle books, and some do web writing.

Earn money as web copywriters

A web copywriter is someone who writes articles on the internet for others. The web editor is not necessarily read, its service ends when the text is delivered and it is up to the customer to ensure that it is published. Often the job of a web editor is to get a site to rank very well on search engines.

SEO agencies as well as large sites always use web copywriters to meet Google's criteria. Indeed, to please the latter, sites must always be fed content and keywords to meet the complexity of Google's algorithm.

It happens that Internet users do not even read the writings of web editors, because the texts ordered from them are only used to highlight the products or services offered by the site concerned. A web editor only writes content to meet criteria, not to be read. To become one:

  • You must have knowledge of natural referencing or SEO
  • You should also be able to synthesize the wealth of information you will find on the web.
  • But above all you must be able to write without spelling mistakes and have good syntax.

There are currently many platforms that allow you to write for others. They make sure to find clients and you write for them.

Use Amazon to edit your Kindle book

Don't be surprised! Amazon sells books published by publishers, but to do the same, you don't have to go to a publishing house. A person who enjoys writing and has the ability to create their ebook on a word processor and change it to PDF format can submit their book to Amazon.

On the other hand, to be successful, you must write on a subject that would interest Internet users. But above all, you are obliged to master the French language in terms of spelling, grammar and syntax. Otherwise, your ebook will not sell.

By choosing this method, you are forced to know the topics that have the wind in their sails on the Net. The best way to do this is to write about a topic that you know very well and that you are passionate about. Your credibility mainly depends on the latter. Readers will feel your passion through your writing.

Plus, by writing on a topic that interests you, you won't feel like you're working. You also don't have to shell out fees, as all you need to do is request a proofreading as well as a correction to make your ebook worthy of being sold. The advantage of doing this on Amazon is its high traffic which is estimated at millions of visitors per day.

If only one person is affected by your book, they can leave a positive comment. By getting positive reviews, Amazon will rank your book in the top results. If you gain this notoriety, you can start making a lot of money.

The great thing about a Kindle book is that you only have to write it once, but once it's enjoyed, you generate passive income for life. However, with Amazon's very low cost and fees, you have to sell more than one.

Your comments are worth gold

You understood it above, for a product to work very well on the net, it must have positive comments. Some big brands or sellers use this technique to boost their SEO on the Net.

This is also the case on the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. She favors products that have more positive reviews. Amazon has set up a club to test products for site reviewers. These people then give their negative or positive opinions on the product concerned.

So the testers write down their feelings based on photos or videos. Generally, they only go to the essentials. Amazon is not the only one who has used this technique; many e-commerce sites are starting to popularize it to increase their sales.

If you like to give and write your opinion on the products you use, this feature may be for you. You can become a professional tester and only write reviews on the products you get.

The little bonus with this kind of work is that you get the products to test as a bonus. At the end, you can:

  • Either resell them
  • Either keep it for your personal use

To be spotted as test reviewers, you need to give your opinion on the products you have used before. Often times it is necessary to make a detailed record of your test, but the count afterwards is definitely worth it.

What should you do to earn money writing on the internet?

Writing on the web cannot be improvised, you must first of all know the existing market there is and also know all the workings to be able to generate money quickly. Knowing how to write and loving to write is not enough, you have to comply with the internet requirement.

You must meet the requirements of each website

Writing for the web follows general rules, however, each website has their own method and wants you to respond to their target. By having this adaptability, you can easily make money on the web. To make money on the web, you need to be able to:

  • To write short, but concise texts
  • Attract your readers from the introduction
  • To categorize your texts by paragraphs.

Whatever type of job you choose when writing on the web, these are often the general rules. Whether you are a web copywriter or a social media host, you should always adhere to these disciplines. Moreover, the site that employed you may also have other criteria to add to your writing. Indeed, writing for a blog, doing a comparator or writing reviews does not have the same aspects.

A blog can be the showcase of your know-how

Blogging is a good way to make money using it as an affiliate platform or whatever. However, if you enjoy writing and are aiming to monetize your passion, you are bound to find clients who are interested in your pens. By creating a blog, you increase your chance of being spotted by other sites who are looking for writers to feed their site or to provide reviews. However, for it to work

  • Your blog should reflect your chosen field
  • Make sure your blog is free of errors
  • Use social networks to show your know-how

To quickly monetize your writing, all means are good. Being active on social media makes it easy for recruiters to notice you. Putting links on your LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile can bring you potential customers. However, make sure that your profile is always professional and of a higher quality. Customers will judge you based on the posts you make on these platforms.

Earn money by writing freelance or in company

The work of writing on the web is relatively new. Since then, the digitalization of companies has become a rapidly expanding profession. You have the choice between working as a freelance and working in a company.

  • In business, you can have their content written. Some of them do not master social networks or blogs, so they are forced to call on professionals. You can also be the one who is the go-between between the company and the press by writing press releases. You can also create advertising content.
  • As a freelance, the possibility is very wide, you can be a community manager who animates and creates content for social networks. You can also become web editors who take special orders for content from multiple websites. You can also be a die-hard blogger who brings traffic to your customers' site or just the person who answers questions from the company's customers.
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