Here's how to make money with WordPress!

If I tell you WordPress, what does it mean to you? Probably nothing if you're not a blogger, but that's okay. Thanks to this fabulous tool that is WordPress, you will be able to generate income on the internet and maybe even make it your job. Before I give you some ideas on how to profit from WordPress, I will briefly introduce you to what it is. By the end of this article, you'll be all set!

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The WordPress logo

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) or a content management system. You are still here?

More simply, WordPress is a tool with which you can create a blog like Le Club Argent, a forum, a store and a lot of other things .

Thanks to WordPress, you will have a presence on the internet. Know that today more than a quarter of blogs and other websites are powered by this fantastic tool! Yes, 75 million blogs and sites use WP.

This tool, which is very accessible and easy to use, even if to fully master the beast, you will need time is completely free and you will therefore not need to take out your bank card to use it.

If WordPress is free, you will still have to pay to buy a domain name, hosting, theme, plugins… I can assure you: for barely 58$, you will have your blog online. It's not huge compared to what you can gain from it.

How to train in WordPress?

Starting a blog is good and everyone dreams of it, but before all that, you have to train a minimum.

As far as I'm concerned, it took me months and months to understand WordPress and even today, I continue to train and especially to inform myself. If what I just told you is discouraging you, it's a bit normal. How can you hope to earn a living without knowing what you're talking about?

In short, to train yourself in WordPress, you will not have to pay anything. On the net, countless resources are available for free and you just have to search a little.

If you don't have the courage to look, start by looking in particular on WP Formation , WP Channel , WP Marmite or more simply on WPFR . With these references, you will learn the essential basics to master to launch your blog.

In addition, to complete your training, it is essential to watch quality videos on Youtube . Sometimes a video will help you solve the worst problems.

A priori, with everything I just talked about, your blog should look like something …

When your blog will be online, it will be necessary to make it known otherwise how will Internet users manage to reach you? This is where SEO also called SEO comes in. To have people on your blog, you have to produce long efforts for months before seeing results.

On Le Club Argent, as elsewhere, it took 12 months for the traffic to take off and for me to make money. Remember that if you put a blog online, you will have to wait 12 to 18 months to see the first effects. You have been warned!

Back to SEO. Blogs and sites were very useful to me when I started almost 10 years ago. Without these blogs, I probably wouldn't have become a “pro” blogger.

Among the sites that I recommend for SEO, there is the bible that is Web Rank Info by Olivier Duffez, which I still follow today, but also Abondance by Olivier Andrieu or even SEO Mix by Daniel Roch . Note that the blogs I mentioned above also provide valuable SEO advice.

Now let's move on to what interests you, which is how to use WordPress to profit from it.

What you can do to generate profit with WordPress:

Create a blog:

This one is easy: With WordPress, you can make money by creating a blog . That's kind of what it's for, isn't it? Be careful because it is not enough to put a blog online for the money to fall from the sky.

To hope for regular earnings with a blog, the subject must be interesting and profitable. Of course, the gains will be different depending on the theme. Blogs related to finance, where there is a multitude of advertisers (and competitors too), make a lot more money than a blog on fishing . Go read my article where I detail the low-paying topics that you should avoid if you want to make money with a blog.

Do a little research on Google on the most profitable topics before going headlong. But anyway, it's possible to make a living with a blog, moreover that's what I've been doing for so many years ...

Suggest affiliation:

We stay close to the paragraph above because the affiliation is generally offered on a blog. Joining means that you are presenting and promoting a product and inviting your readers to buy it .

Imagine you are blogging about banking. In this case, you have the opportunity to present the best banks to your readers. If thanks to you these banks attract new customers, you get a commission.

I'm talking about banks, but it's easy to affiliate with a multitude of products. For example, in my article on cashback, I present the most reliable sites to make money and save money and when a user signs up , I earn a small commission.

Know, however, that to offer products, you must not do anything and make fun of the world. If you come up with random products without testing them or if they are of poor quality, you aren't going to make all friends.

In short, to succeed with affiliation, you have to be serious ...

Place advertising:

Here too, it's a different way to monetize your blog. Advertising on a medium such as a blog is sometimes profitable, provided you do it well .

As I already said above, the choice of the theme is highly important and your earnings may vary from 1 to 100 so you might as well choose a promising subject.

Advertising on a blog seems simple, it is indeed, but you have to choose the sites well so as not to suffocate Internet users who will not hesitate to close the page if your ads harass them. What could be more annoying than seeing inserts of all colors that slow down navigation?

Remember that if you bet everything on advertising that 30% of Internet users use an ad blocker. In this case, your ads from Google Adsense, for example, will not show and you will not earn anything.

On Le Club Argent, I have never had advertising inserts like Google Adsense so as not to annoy visitors. Are you going to tell me I'm losing money? It's probably true, but I didn't create this blog just to make cash. As you know, my main goal is to help people to live more decently by gleaning euros here and there

Sell ​​products or training:

This article is not meant to walk you through the dozens of ways to monetize your blog, but not talking about product sales or training would be a mistake.

The dropshipping seems similar to traditional affiliate as that offered by the program partners Amazon unless you cash even more money.

If the word “dropshipping” scares you, know that the concept is very simple and that in no time you will be ready to sell a particular product on your blog. Go read the following article, you will see it more clearly: What is dropshipping and how to do it?

In 2018, the fashion is to sell training . You cannot imagine all the paid training available on the net. Of course, training courses to learn to code, to learn a foreign language or others exist but training courses to learn to flirt, to build muscles, to educate his dog or to quit smoking are experiencing the same success.

The creators of training courses of all kinds are not lacking in imagination when they want to make you pay!

Do the same, sell training on your favorite topic and profit from this juicy business!

Sell ​​themes and plugins:

The theme or the model, call it what you want, present on Le Club Argent were purchased on a specialized site: .

Concretely, on this site we buy a model which we install on blog to have an appropriate visual. So I bought the theme but it is the creator of it that returns a good part of the purchase price .

The theme creator has offered his product on CodeCanyon and earns money with every sale. If you are able to create such themes by playing with CSS, JavaScript and HTML code you have the possibility to offer your products. It is not rocket science.

On the same principle, if you code wonderfully, consider selling your plugins (small programs) on this same site . Take a look at the list of available plugins, you will be surprised by the number and the price. We sell plugins to install a forum, create a newsletter, manage subscribers ...

I mentioned but other sites exist like .

Offer your services:

Learning how to tame WordPress isn't that complicated, and if blogging and writing articles isn't your cup of tea, there are other opportunities here.

Create blogs for clients:

Individuals but also companies do not necessarily have all the skills to set up their blog. Why don't you just think of setting up and blogging for clients and billing them?

I assure you that today all companies wish to have a presence on the internet and appeal to webmasters and developers to achieve this. This idea is rather profitable, moreover, launching a blog for a client can bring in at least € 500 to several thousand euros for more complex blogs .

If that tempts you, I want to tell you to get started and create your own business or to start with the status of self-employed and thus become Freelance.

To find customers, nothing prevents you from doing direct canvassing or but the ideal is to register on specialized platforms. If your work is of good quality, word of mouth will work perfectly and you will be overwhelmed with requests.

Do maintenance:

It is not enough to put the blog online to be done, on the contrary. Very often you will have to update WordPress plugins, check that there are no security concerns, propose new functions, code, modify the display and even change hosting or domain name ... Everything not everyone is able to perform these skills-demanding tasks. In this case, offer your services to customers and do maintenance .

Write articles:

I agree, it is not essential to master WordPress to offer your copywriting services, but all this is still indirectly linked.

Is your spelling perfect? Do you have a certain taste for writing?

If the answer is yes, I encourage you to write articles for blogs. It happens that, due to lack of time, bloggers call on external writers to continue to feed their projects. Believe it or not, a great motivated writer makes a very good living.

Sometimes editors charge several hundred dollars for a quality long article on a specific topic. The reason copywriters are paid so well is simply because they are rare. Should I say that EXCELLENT copywriters are rare!

When I had other blogs several years ago, I often used writers and I can tell you that I paid them for their talent.

To write articles, it's not complicated, already start by looking on which I mentioned above. Then again, if you do a great job, you will be in high demand.

Give lessons:

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, there is no shortage of online resources to learn everything about WordPress, to say the least.

Very good except that Internet users sometimes need a helping hand or training with a natural person . It is true that having a “teacher” saves a lot of time.

When I first started out, I was slowed down by countless problems that I had to learn to solve on my own or almost. With the help of an experienced WordPress user, I would have gone much faster in my learning but learning alone is also a good school.

If you want to teach others about the wonderful world of WordPress, register on the platforms I have already mentioned. You shouldn't have to wait long for your first clients.


Having a blog is good! Making it known to others and attracting as many people as possible is a different story .

To have a certain visibility on the net, it is necessary to provide an enormous work of referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and this is where the… referrer comes in. Bingo!

To propel a site to the top, SEOs are very well paid and you should know that they generally earn between 200 and 500 € per day . Demand is such that prices are soaring. Expert SEOs are even rarer than very good copywriters, which is to say if they are sought after.

Again, if I were you and had the skills, I will look for new clients now.

As you can understand, there is no shortage of solutions to make money with WordPress and it's up to you to choose what you like. Remember that nothing is insurmountable and that even starting from nothing, you can learn almost everything. You just need the motivation

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