Google Adsense: A real plus for the blog

After deciding to install Google Adsense advertising at the start of 2020, I wanted to take stock and prove to other bloggers that this advertising agency remains one of the best for monetizing your blog. Today I am totally happy with Google Adsense and there is no reason for that to change.

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The Google Adsense logo

Arrival of Google Adsense on Le Club Argent in early 2020:

As you probably know, since the beginning of the year, my wife Nathalie has been working with me on the blog, and to ensure her a salary, I had no other solution than to place additional advertising, and logically my choice turned to Google Adsense.

After a few tries and adjustments, I found the right compromise and I wonder why I didn't do this sooner. Yes, I know I've always said that the less advertising the better it was, but as the saying goes “Only fools don't change their mind”.

Regular income in addition to membership:

From the creation of the blog in 2017 until February 2020, the only affiliation was my source of income. Obviously, I work with various advertising agencies such as DaisyconGambling-AffiliationCreonline-Affiliation among others and the fact of having set up Google Adsense advertising had only a minor impact on the income of the affiliation.

To be fair, my affiliate income has gone down 10-15% but I'm a big winner in the end .

It should be understood that Adsense inserts do not necessarily cannibalize clicks or very little. Google Adsense ads provide a plus and a solution to the reader in the event that he does not find the answer on the blog . That's why it's effective!

Automatic placements are fantastic

As I did in the 2010s, I inserted 300 × 250 or 336 × 280 type blocks in different places and especially at the beginning of the articles, but I quickly deduced that it was ineffective and rather perfectible.

Trusting Adsense, I simply set up the automatic placement system which proved to be infinitely more effective and my CTR (click rate) soared .

Quite frankly, if you blog and use Adsense, activate automatic placements as soon as possible and it will be income day and night .

In addition, I invite you to activate all formats (Display, In-Feed, In-Article ads, Corresponding content, themes). The Google Adsense control works according to an auction system and it will be the ads that will bring you the most that will be displayed. By activating all formats, you will create some competition between the ads which will drive your earnings upwards.

Other bloggers may tell you the opposite, but for Le Club Argent, that's what worked.

No bad feedback from internet users

Usually, when there is a concern or something that bothers you on the blog, you don't hesitate to let me know. Sometimes, I miss spelling mistakes and immediately I'm called to order… You're right, everything must be perfect!

So far, no Internet user has contacted me to complain about the presence of advertising inserts , which shows that you are ready to see the ad as long as it is targeted and relevant.

Little impact on statistics

When we analyze the statistics of a blog, we mainly look at the bounce rate. The bounce rate is measured in% and is simply the number of visitors who leave the blog after having read only one article or one page. This indicator is indicative of the quality of content and reading comfort.

Despite the ads, the bounce rate hasn't budged an iota. Who would have believed it?

Why is it profitable?

Easy! Because there are advertisers in this theme . To make money with Adsense, you need advertisers and products or services to sell . Nothing more.

You just have to browse the blog to see inserts for sites offering paid surveys, work at home job offers or solutions to start a business and all this is directly related to the theme of Le Club Argent .

I will take a counterexample. Imagine you are blogging about football. What can you sell on such a blog? Not much ... Your readers will come to read what interests them and then leave immediately.

Better still, on Le Club Argent I solve, in all modesty, the problem of thousands of Internet users every day by helping them earn money . What problem are you going to solve on a football site? What are you going to sell? Nothing at all…

I say it again: for Adsense advertising to be profitable, you need an audience, solve a problem, have a product or service to sell. Point bar. If you miss any of these criteria, you will earn little.

In the end, how much more do I earn?

I know this is the question that torments you, you curious people. I can't tell you anything. Not because I don't want it, but quite simply because it is PROHIBITED by the Google Adsense regulations

Not wanting to see my account deactivated like dozens of publishers, I will stay silent on the subject. Don't blame me, friends ...

All that the regulations allow me to say is that my income is stable month after month and that it is not negligible . But I assure you, I am far from being a millionaire. 😉

A few small caveats

Well, I know I'm going to quibble but as I'm trying to be as transparent as possible with you, I'm going to tell you what bothers me even if it's not very serious.

First of all, it's the UX which is a little less pleasant . UX is quite simply the user experience. Don't tell me you love to see dozens of advertising inserts even if they are relevant! I know you don't like advertising, but I have to live too! 😉

Obviously you would have preferred articles without advertising but I don't really have a choice. So if you like Le Club Argent and all the great deals I offer, be nice and turn off your ad blocker . I know you are all nice ... 

Finally, the placement of advertising slows down the loading of the pages a little and therefore also harms the user experience . In a world where everything goes very fast, no one wants to wait… and not even half a second! In the coming weeks Le Club Argent will change servers again so that everything goes even faster so that the pages are displayed in a flash ... After many problems at OVH that I do not recommend at all, I will move the blog to another much more reliable host.


For all bloggers wondering if Google Adsense is an effective advertising agency and still pays well in 2020, the answer is yes! I can't be clearer! Besides, look at blogs similar to Le Club Argent and you will see that almost all of them have done as I have. Ditch the rules like Taboola and other quirks that will do you more harm than good and hurt your credibility.

Of course, you should not bet everything on Adsense because in the event of an account closure, you have nothing, but there is no reason for it to happen if you respect the rules.

To register and monetize your content, nothing could be simpler! Follow this link and you're done: Google Adsense management.

If you are not yet a blogger and want to become one, go read this article from WP Marmite: Living from your blog is possible. But at what cost?

Finally and since we are in August, I wish you all a good holiday and invite you to remain very careful with this COVID which has not disappeared

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