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Sponsored articles are written at the request of an advertiser or a brand, for a service or a product! Exchange of good practices insofar as, while offering interesting content, the blogger receives money for good offices rendered. Editorial collaboration should logically bear fruit and, while ensuring increased visibility, lead to good referencing. Certain rules must nevertheless be respected, especially from a legal point of view, but the game is worth the candle.

Some practical advice, to help you better in your task:

Be honest with your readers:

Do you know better than believing in a product or service to make the article? If your editorial speaks the truth, that you believe in it and you take the trouble to put it forward… everything you publish should logically touch your community . However, insofar as the link you submit for approval is unnatural because it is obtained subject to payment by the brand or a product in return for an article, it is fashionable to report it to Google. Notifying the “ nofollow ”  attribute  , to be added at the end of the code in your link, is to release you from any spontaneous involvement.

Who is behind the articles?

One might think that in practice these are systematically written by the blogger, but this is not always the case! The brand may be at the origin, in which case the latter is content to publish it in his name, obviously for remuneration. However, the blogger may very well write a test on the advertiser's products or services, or be content to write an article describing a given subject. By completing the information, by a link slipped in the text, it is direct access to the site concerned! So inform your readers about the author of the article in question . In this article devoted to techniques for winning the Friday the 13th Lotto, I tell my readers that I am not the author.

Who are the beneficiaries?

This also applies to obtain an SEO advantage for its own benefit and, under the guise of your notoriety, through your community. So a sponsored article campaign can meet different needs, and the demand will come to you spontaneously. If you are one of the renowned bloggers, when a label or its agency decides to canvass influencers, they can spontaneously land in your mailbox. However, by registering on a platform, like RocketLinks for example, these proposals will be sent to you.

What are the essential rules to be observed on both sides?

A sponsored article must meet certain basic criteria, specifying the terms of what is requested of you. Its primary goal is to clearly define the initial brief, implying the objective above all!

What is the brand worth?

To recommend it to your readers, the least you can do is to like it, while being at best in line with your values. Similarly it must be in accordance with the spirit that governs the universe of your blog.

Practical conditions:

These are the most frequently requested that are to be considered: Provide photos for the editorial staff, ensure promotion on social networks, respect a deadline or even the time that the article must remain online on your blog.

Freedom of action:

Will you be the custodian of the choice of topic or will you be bound to respect the full-text proposal (s)? Will you have to deal with a proofreading of the article, thus exposing yourself to a later modification which can prove to be tedious?

Consideration offered:

The remuneration must be in accordance with the scope of the task to be performed. If it is not in line with your fame, it can seriously suffer, so be sure to bring the merits of the request.

Some friend advice:

Whoever wants you well will strongly advise you to frame the slightest condition with a contract in due form. Out of respect for your readers, you cannot accept proposals for texts disseminating precepts which are not yours. Refuse any clause that would tarnish your editorial freedom, and keep it safe from any subordination, even if you are paid for doing so . It is your duty because this blog belongs to you, it is your mode of expression and, as a last resort, you must be alone to validate the publications which may or not be there!

Announce the color:

In the eyes of French law, a funded editorial can rightly be considered advertising. For this reason a precise mention must be explicitly pointed out to the reader, of the style "Sponsored article" . It is an obligation enshrined in article L.121-1 of the Consumer Code, which specifies that “A commercial practice is deceptive […] when it does not indicate its true commercial intention. A most comfortable blur zone limits these practices! Also, insofar as the Web evolves faster than the law, borders are often crossed and doubt allowed.

Tips for concocting SEO-friendly articles:

A good collaboration:

It is fashionable to offer your paper for proofreading, so that the brand is able to make any corrections. Mistakes may have crept in, as additional information may be necessary, without this necessarily implying a complete rewrite. Be respectful of your work yourself, so as to challenge anyone to misrepresent your words by doing them justice . Your payment terms must be specified, because the notoriety and influence of your blog depends on the remuneration (which can vary between 100 and 200 € per article).

Referencing of articles:

Insofar as they are sponsored, you are entitled to ask yourself what is the cause and effect relationship on a brand vis-à-vis Google. We certainly talk about her but through a link, and this is where the whole trick lies because they have a determining impact on SEO. In everyday life, “word of mouth” is still very successful, it is kif-kif in this case! The more we talk about you, the more we want to know you because it is proof that you have acquired a certain reputation. From there to see that the more influential those who praise your merits, the better you are worthy of interest, the step is quickly taken.

Cause and effect relationship:

Receiving quality links is the assurance of good SEO, provided that reputable sites ensure the relationship . That they come from fields as diverse as they are varied is a plus, there is no point in them coming from the same field. Their theme must match yours, for example a brand that presents clothes will have every interest in turning to fashion blogs. For even more consistency, knowing that you are going to rely on texts leading to your site, offering various anchors allows you to diversify your targets. What to develop consequently its netlinking , implied to widen its portfolio by counting on qualitative links.

Do not allow yourself to be imposed on an uncomfortable editorial line:

Problem articles:

A link is only qualified as spontaneous under certain conditions! You will easily understand that all those which emanate from a site for remuneration cannot be considered as “ natural ”. From there to think that it is cheating, intended to manipulate your positioning on Google, seems by the fact to follow from the common sense. Getting around the problem is easy ... as long as bloggers who practice product testing, or sponsored posts, know a few basic techniques. Rely on the suggestions to follow and you will come out white as snow!

Offer unique content:

A valuable article makes readers want to keep coming back, because of the relevance you have shown to the topic at hand . Sponsorship must in no case be at the expense of quality, it must on the contrary be the guarantee of it. You can rely on existing content, of course, and even sometimes essential, but do not copy and paste under any circumstances. In addition to the risk of your scheme being spotted, you are not in tune with the requests of Internet users. They are entitled to expect answers in line with their wishes.

Add a Nofollow attribute:

To navigate from one site and from one web page to another, the search engine uses links by default. These are then classified “Dofollow”, therefore to be followed according to the English term, which is normal behavior towards them. However, as we discussed at the beginning of the article, a sponsored link can in no way be considered natural. With regard to Goggle, indicating “nofollow” at the end of the code is a sign that he should not follow this link. A precision that the search engine will not take into account a priori, but a protection concerning your referencing . The link will point anyway to the brand's site.

Avoid confusing remuneration and editorial obligation

Sell ​​yourself or make money:

The reputation of the sponsored article may be the subject of much controversy in the blogosphere, many readers are protesting against this bad press. Some factors are to be blamed, such as the sudden influx of banknotes that brands are making appear in abundance. Insofar as everyone tackles the same subject, as if suddenly it becomes essential to give it some interest, some are not fooled. This is why the law votes for transparency, forcing bloggers to announce that an article is sponsored . Some are in a hurry by a number of start-ups, who refuse to allow the mention to also appear, under cover of respect, putting their interests before ethics.

A legitimate distrust:

The reader becomes cautious, faced with the influx of texts whose origin is not always specified but on the contrary sometimes masked and sometimes signaled. His greatest fear, however, seems that the blogger has “sold” himself to the brand for his own benefit, and therefore without respect for his community. It is because there is a fine line between praising its merits in order to earn money and genuine interest in it. However, the primary purpose of a blog is to talk about a subject that touches us or is dear to us, and that we appreciate no matter what. If its virtues are widely advocated there, introducing financial concepts into the deal seriously changes the equation.

Dangerous or not?

This type of article can be seen as a double-edged sword but, as long as you don't make it a means of daily monetization, no worries! Occasionally agreeing to pass sponsored articles will not harm you, provided you follow a certain protocol. Relying on a checklist is essential to maintain the confidence of your readers and not to get lost . If they are of interest to you, it is because your publications are at their convenience, so always keep in mind that these should not suffer. Ask yourself if, despite the financial compensation, they stay in the line of those you would appear.

Keep your freedom of action while being true to yourself

Being under the influence:

In no way should the article for which you are being paid change the way you write it! Your handwriting is a signature, so it must be without forgery or be influenced by any influence whatsoever. Beware of the euphoric effect provided by the fact that the brand has “chosen” you! Look at it from another perspective, considering that it was your brand awareness that put you on the top of their basket. This will save you from many disappointments, especially that of having the feeling of being indebted to him. You have a certain talent for the job, labels to make good use of it while sparing you.

Confuse needs and respect:

Let's assume that the majority of bloggers aren't rolling in gold, at least those who practice sponsored posts. You need this money and brands can play with it, especially since they know they are in a position to offer significant opportunities. Maintaining good relations does not have to rhyme with obligations, you have the right to refuse any harmful influence on your content ... which requires a great strength of character, and a significant amount of honesty towards yourself . A single article that doesn't follow your guidelines can fry you in the eyes of your readers. But you and your blog are worth more than that, in any case more than a few hundred euros.

Refuse any compromise:

Never forget that your blog is the reflection of your universe, on which you put your style and let your pen run. If a brand tries to force a post on you by writing it for you, however enticing the offer may be, you should decline it . Your readers will not be fooled, and as long as what they are looking for is theirs, no one can imitate you. At best they will not find their way there, at worst they will be faced with content whose hollow tone will be commercial. Your stuff is guaranteed quality, don't betray yourself even for all the gold in the world!

Do not accept anything and everything as an article subject!

This is one more article:

You can be approached by a label which already has several hundred texts on the counter. Which is very good because the sponsored article is not intended to replace editorial content, especially since the latter is spontaneous. It is more like an addition that you must consider it, in addition to the articles that you provide . Many sites stick to the recommended ratio of posts, which should not exceed 5% of the content broadcast. Out of respect for the rhythm of editions which is customary to you, these come “in addition” and are intended to stick to their role of “bonus content”.

Learn to say no:

The smallest influential blog can be offered eccentric advertisements, such as praising the merits of the little blue pills ... to which we would like to be able to respond "Why, are you missing or what?" »But that we refrain from commenting. Which implies that for a single sponsored article that you will agree to distribute, it is against an obvious number that you will refuse. To believe that brands do not care about the medium, as long as their ads are broadcast. If these are the opposite of your convictions, or do not correspond in any way to your editorial line, you are committing to the opposite of your own objectives .

In summary:

You are the sole owner of the content that flourishes on your blog too, on the pretext that sponsored posts bring in, that it is not at any price. That of your probity is worth all the riches that exist, so accepting concessions should not come at your expense. Whatever attractive conditions are dangled upon you , you have a balance to find between your financial interest and the notoriety of your blog . Your reputation cannot be monetized if a proposal risks harming it, as such, refuse any attempt to influence your content!

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