Jhipster entity relationship sample

Jhipster relation entity relation ship sample

entity Vendor
name String required,
    image ImageBlob ,
entity Menu
entity FoodItem {
foodname String required ,
    cost Long required ,
    image ImageBlob ,
    capacity Integer required
// an ignored comment
/** not an ignored comment */
entity Order {
    employeeid String required,
    phone String,
    date Instant required,
cost Long,
    status Status,

enum Status {
relationship OneToMany {
  FoodItem to Menu{fooditem(foodname)}
  Vendor to Menu{vendor(name)}
  Vendor to Order{vendor(name)}
  FoodItem to Order{fooditem(foodname)}
relationship ManyToOne {
FoodItem{user(login)} to User
Menu{user(login)} to User
Order{user(login)} to User


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