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Merge Tiff Files Input Streams Using Java

SOLVED : Merge Tiff Input Stream list and combine as a single Tiff input stream using java Solution :
public static InputStream mergeTiffFiles(InputStream[] contentElements) throws IOException
   List<BufferedImage> images = new ArrayList<BufferedImage>();
   SeekableStream ss =null;
       return contentElements[0];
     //Iterate over each content element positioned at 0,1,2 in Filenet
     for(InputStream contentElement:contentElements)
       ImageDecoder decoder = ImageCodec.createImageDecoder("tiff", contentElement, null);

       int numPages = decoder.getNumPages();
       //Iterate over each page of the given document and add it to list of buffered images
       for(int j = 0; j < numPages; j++)
         PlanarImage op = new NullOpImage(decoder.decodeAsRenderedImage(j), null, null, OpImage.OP_IO_BOUND);
     //write the merged stream to the file combined.tif in the same folder location
     TIFFEncodeParam params = new TIFFEncodeParam();
     FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream("combined.tif");
     ImageEncoder encoder = ImageCodec.createImageEncoder("tiff", out, params);
     List<BufferedImage> imageList = new ArrayList<BufferedImage>(); 
     for (int i = 1; i < images.size(); i++)
     // Read the merged tif file and delete after convert to Input stream
     File mergedFile = new File("combined.tif");    
     ss = new FileSeekableStream(mergedFile);
   catch (Exception e)
     throw new DMFException(Constant.ERROR_WHILE_MERGING_TIFF, e);
   return ss;


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