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How To Add Interstitial ads for every navigation menu drawer in latest android versions 2020

Problem :
Not able to add interstitial ad for every navigation drawer item click in latest android application ,year 2020
Solution : 
Add interstitial ad load request inside the onSupportNavigateUp method as shown below . @Override
public boolean onSupportNavigateUp() {
AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build();
NavController navController = Navigation.findNavController(this,;
return NavigationUI.navigateUp(navController, mAppBarConfiguration)
|| super.onSupportNavigateUp();
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Location to update privacy policy URL in google play console

Problem : I am not able to find where to update privacy policy URL for my android app in google play console .
Solution :
Please login to your google play console and goto your app
Click On Store Presence And go to App content Then Right side you can find a place holder to update policy URL .
Please find the below sample policy service URL place holder of google play store for any android app . || Added || Advertisers In Our Mobile Application || And Cheated Your Ad Space

Problem :
I have signed up in to get app-ads.txt file of my android mobile app .In the resultant URL I am seeing an extra URL apart from google publisher .I got shocked why other publisher is added without my concern.The below is my understanding . is not my publisher ,But it came automatically ,Because app-ads-txt website added in my file .So that this website will be shown ads in our mobile app and they will take our revenue .Boom you got cheated .

Solution :
Modify your settings to different URL in  google publisher application under store listing .Purchase cheap domain and go with your own app-ads.txt file .Thirdparty domains will cheat you and show their ads in your mobile app and they will be get benefit for your hardwork.

Create app-ads.txt file using blogger for free ,Please find the sample

Colibri theme applied to all pages and not allowing Elementor to edit

Problem :
Colibri theme applied to all pages and not allowing Elementor to edit.
I have added a side bar to one of the pages in my Word press website by using Colibri .After adding the side bar Colibri added as default editor in all of my pages .And not allowing me to see Elmentor editor to edit my website .

Solution :

Edit page with Elementor and bottom left side you can see a gear symbol ,Click on gear symbol and choose page layout from default to Elementor Canvas .Boom that's it you can see Elementor editor right side.

use a compatible library with a minSdk of at most 15

Problem : Suggestion: use a compatible library with a minSdk of at most 15

Solution :

Open build.gradle
and modify the version from 15 to 18

Veracode CRLF Error

CRLF Injection (1 flaw) 
The acronym CRLF stands for "Carriage Return. Line Feed" and refers to the sequence of characters used to denote the end
of a line of text. CRLF injection vulnerabilities occur when data enters an application from an untrusted source and is not
properly validated before being used. For example. if an attacker is able to inject a CRLF into a log file, he could append
falsified log entries, thereby misleading administrators or cover traces of the attack. if an atlacker is able to inject CRLFS Into
an HTTP response header, he can use this ability to catry out other atlacks such as cache poisoning CRLF vulnerabilities
primarily affect dala integrity.

Apply robust inpul filtering for all user-supplied dala valdation.routines when possible. Use output
fillers to sanitize ail output denved from user supplled inpat. replacing non alchanumenc. characters with their HTML entity
Associated Flaws by C…

Web application running on WAS server refresh url giving 404 not found issue

Problem statement :
Web application running on WAS server ( IBM Web Sphere Application Server is giving 404 error and once refreshing URL will work and after next refresh of web url it will give 404 and so on.

Solution :
In my application there are 3 web servers served via load balancer, We trouble shooted by stop two web servers and started one web server ( to make sure request always hits one server) after that we tested application URL refresh is working fine, So we concluded that there is no problem in first server, We did the same for by keeping second server start and first and third server down then we realised that all the web request to the second server is failing, then we did same for 3 rd server and observed they request to 3 rd server also failing.

Finally we observed that name resolution problem on the server. And fixed accordingly.