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SSL certificate is active for my website but still website is showing not secure

Problem Statement : SSL certificate is active for my website but still website is showing not secure .
Solution :
Disable SSL in Cpanel and enable it again

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I Will Create Niche Website With Adsense Clickbank And Amazon Advertisements In it

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How To Add Interstitial ads for every navigation menu drawer in latest android versions 2020

Problem :
Not able to add interstitial ad for every navigation drawer item click in latest android application ,year 2020
Solution : 
Add interstitial ad load request inside the onSupportNavigateUp method as shown below . @Override
public boolean onSupportNavigateUp() {
AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build();
NavController navController = Navigation.findNavController(this,;
return NavigationUI.navigateUp(navController, mAppBarConfiguration)
|| super.onSupportNavigateUp();

Location to update privacy policy URL in google play console

Problem : I am not able to find where to update privacy policy URL for my android app in google play console .
Solution :
Please login to your google play console and goto your app
Click On Store Presence And go to App content Then Right side you can find a place holder to update policy URL .
Please find the below sample policy service URL place holder of google play store for any android app . || Added || Advertisers In Our Mobile Application || And Cheated Your Ad Space

Problem :
I have signed up in to get app-ads.txt file of my android mobile app .In the resultant URL I am seeing an extra URL apart from google publisher .I got shocked why other publisher is added without my concern.The below is my understanding . is not my publisher ,But it came automatically ,Because app-ads-txt website added in my file .So that this website will be shown ads in our mobile app and they will take our revenue .Boom you got cheated .

Solution :
Modify your settings to different URL in  google publisher application under store listing .Purchase cheap domain and go with your own app-ads.txt file .Thirdparty domains will cheat you and show their ads in your mobile app and they will be get benefit for your hardwork.

Create app-ads.txt file using blogger for free ,Please find the sample